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Several accommodation options are available to Masters, Doctoral and PhD students at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. They can also benefit from an accommodation grant and aid in placing deposits.

Residence halls on campus

Masters and doctoral students enrolled at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris can apply for accommodation. Several options are offered by the accommodation services:

  • The ECLA Campus residency: Students from the Institut Polytechnique de Paris are given priority access to this accommodation located in Massy which offers multiple facilities. Its proximity to public transport makes it a desirable location for potential business placements alongside your degree program (accessible by bus).
  • The École Polytechnique residency
  • The CROUS residency in Cachan (accessible from the RER B trainline, located halfway between Palaiseau and Paris)
  • Nexity Studéa offers accommodation in the Camille Claudel district in Palaiseau.
  • Fac habitat: Studio apartments available from June, at the Simone de Beauvoir and Magellan residences in Massy
  • Maisel Residence on Évry campus

Homestay Accommodation

The ensemble2générations organization offers an intergenerational house-share free of charge or at a low cost. You are hosted in a local elderly person’s home in exchange for your presence in the evening and at night, some assistance in small tasks or for a low rent. The organization offers three options, depending on your needs and availability:

  • Free housing with the commitment of regularly being present in the evening and at night from dinnertime onwards. An annual fee of €390 is paid to the organization.
  • Affordable housing: the student is regularly present and provides some assistance to their host, and a (roughly) €100 contribution to monthly bills. The fee for ensemble2générations is €390 per year.
  • Solidarity accommodation leaves the student with lots of freedom with their timetable, but it does not rule out a certain level of socialization and assistance with errands. A monthly rent of around €280-400 and a €300 annual fee paid to the organization are to be expected. (APL housing support possible)

This option provides affordable prices as well as an opportunity to share a lovely experience with a local elderly person, in the spirit of helping one another. The organization supervises the homestay and ensures regular check-ups. All information on the conditions of registration can be found on the association’s website. 

Renting private housing

The IP Paris campus is located next to the town of Massy Palaiseau and just 45 minutes from the center of Paris by public transport. 

Find accommodation to rent:

Be vigilant and watch out for scams. Never give out your banking details or identity documents directly via these websites or by email. Also never send money via Western Union.

Accommodation aid

On the CAF website you will find details about applications for housing support (personalized housing support (APL), family housing allowances (ALF) or social housing allowances (ALS)). Please see their website to check your eligibility.

Aid in getting a deposit

VISALE - Action Logement is a scheme which replaces the need for a guarantor or personal deposit. The system is simple and completely electronic, providing support in putting down a deposit for accommodation. The scheme acts as the "guarantor" for future tenants. Its objective is to support young people and Action Logement has developed other schemes that can be used alongside it, such as Mobili-Jeune or Loca-pass. Find more information on the VISALE website.