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Research Departments, Laboratories, Centers and Projects

IP Paris Research Centre brings together 32 laboratories and has developed structures that allow both specialized, cutting-edge research to flourish, and new interdisciplinary and collaborative research to emerge. Discover the places where the research takes place:
Research Departments, Laboratories, Centers and Projects

Academic and research departments

IP Paris departments bring together the researchers and research lecturers from its five Schools by discipline. They collectively define the content of the academic programs and also the collaborative research projects undertaken within IP Paris. The departments strengthen the human and financial resource requirements in line with the objectives of IP Paris and its five Schools.

Research laboratories

Boasting 32 laboratories on its campus, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris conducts major, state-of-the-art projects through the expertise of its research teams and the use of cutting-edge equipment. Its research is conducted in partnership with a number of key supervising bodies and partners, prominent among which is the CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research.

Disciplinary and interdisciplinary centers

The disciplinary and interdisciplinary centers of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris combine the expertise of the scientists and partners to address major societal problems through the complementary viewpoints and methodologies of each discipline. By combining their views, know-how and methods in a spirit of openness, the researchers thus provide original and innovative solutions to the major challenges of our century.

European projects

IP Paris scientists are involved in major EU-funded projects on themes covered by the Horizon Europe program

Academic and research Chairs

Academic teaching and research programs, funded in the form of Chairs or corporate sponsorship, are conducted in the Schools through the support of private companies. These programs enable the Schools to support innovative research projects and the training of future talent, as well as contributing to the scientific reputation of IP Paris and the development of international collaborations.