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PhD Track

This five-year program offers training in top-level research to high-potential students aiming for an international career in leading academic institutions or companies.
PhD Track

Based on the Anglo-Saxon model, the PhD Track is aimed at high-potential students who wish to take up the scientific challenges of tomorrow within the research and development centers of companies and major universities.

This program enables selected students to benefit from the first-class ecosystem of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris and to be closely associated with the research activities carried out in the Institute's labs from the first year of the Master's program. Each student benefits from individual and personalized supervision by a faculty member and will interact directly with the scientific community of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, within a world-renowned innovation cluster.


The first two years of the program, leading to the Master's degree, are designed to enable students to acquire the tools necessary for the successful completion of an ambitious research project, supervised by an academic tutor. The following three years are entirely dedicated to the student’s research project and lead to the PhD degree from the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. Each student who follows this program benefits from the unique and individualized supervision of a faculty member recognized in his or her discipline. The best candidates are eligible for excellence scholarships.



During the first two years, students are enrolled in a Master's program, build on the Master's courses with a tailored approach, and start working on their research project. The Master's degree is the gateway to the three-year PhD program.



Candidates for the PhD Track program must hold a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) to enter the program at the M1 level and a M1 certificate of completion (or equivalent – 180 ECTS + 60 ECTS completed) to enter the program at the M2 level. Applicants must be fluent in English, have an excellent academic background and wish to become researchers.



Applicants can choose from 12 different tracks: Advanced Materials, Bioengineering and Quantitative Life Sciences, Chemistry and Interfaces, Computer Science, Data & Artificial Intelligence, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Energy for Climate, Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics and Quantum Science and Technologies.

Application Process 

Application calendar

The application session is from November 3rd, 2022 to January 12th, 2023.

Admission results will be available by the end of March 2023.

The required supporting documents (in French or English) for the application process are the following:

•    an ID-size photograph;

•    a detailed Curriculum Vitae;

•    a personal statement;

•    all post-secondary diplomas and transcripts;

•    an English language test result;

•    two letters of recommendation.

Online information sessions

2 online information sessions will take place in December 2022/January 2023 :

•   Friday 16 December 2022, from 09 :30 am to 10:30 am (French time). Please click on the following link to register to this Online Information Session : zoom link

•   Tuesday 3 January 2023, from 09 :30 am to 10:30 am (French time). Please click on the following link to register to this Online Information Session : zoom link This will be the last session.

Costs of Studies

Whatever the chosen track, the tuition fees amount 243 euros per year for the Master part of the program and 380 euros per year for the PhD part of the program.


We subsidize the tuition fees:

•    for Years 1 and 2 bringing them down from 6250 Euros (non-EU students) / 4250 Euros (EU students) to the level of the official tuition fees of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and innovation for EU students (243 Euros in 2021/2022);

•    for Years 3, 4 and 5, EU and non-EU students pay the EU fees (380 Euros in 2021-2022).

PhD Track students can also benefit from an excellence scholarship during their Master's year(s) and then from a doctoral contract with a monthly salary as part of the PhD.

No additional action is required when you apply for a PhD Track. If your application is successful, your file will automatically be processed by a jury to decide whether or not you are eligible to benefit from a PhD Track scholarship.

If your application is successful and you are eligible for a PhD Track scholarship, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris will contact you.

Please click on the following link :


To start the application process, click on "Application Portal."


You can contact the PhD Track team at the following email address: