Institut Polytechnique de Paris
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Disciplinary expertise, interdisciplinary research, international and industrial partnerships: for three centuries now, our five Schools have been contributing to major scientific discoveries and technological revolutions.

The quality of research at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris is based on a wide range of disciplinary expertise in all fields of knowledge. The pooling of this expertise within collaborative structures and the development of research infrastructures is aimed at deepening and broadening this knowledge. 

In addition to these renowned disciplinary skills, the interdisciplinary approach encouraged by the development of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris allows problems to be tackled from different angles. By exchanging their views, know-how and methods in a spirit of openness, researchers can thus provide complementary, original and innovative solutions to the major societal problems and scientific issues facing our world.

IP Paris laboratories work in close partnership with national research bodies. Foremost among these partners is the CNRS, which is co-supervisor of 24 of the 32 IP Paris laboratories, but also Inria, CEA, Inserm and ONERA