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Equal Opportunity Center

The mission of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris Equal Opportunity Center is to carry out IP Paris's equal opportunity strategy and implement an ambitious policy, in line with the commitments made in its 2022-2026 Contract of Objectives and Performance and the equal opportunity initiatives already undertaken by its member schools.
Equal Opportunity Center

IP Paris' equal opportunities strategy has two objectives:

  • to contribute to the national policy of equal opportunity in order to give every young person in France, whatever their gender, social background or geographical location, access to and success in scientific education of excellence,
  • to achieve greater geographical, social and gender diversity in student recruitment at member schools.

To achieve these objectives, the IP Paris strategy will be built around 5 pillars

The aim of this pillar is to raise awareness of scientific fields of excellence, to create or reinforce the desire to pursue them, and to build up a large pool of talented young scientists with "equal opportunity" profiles, in order to offer them a pathway to excellence. These awareness-raising initiatives take the form of talks in schools, meetings on the IP Paris campus, and inspiring events focusing on scientific fields and professions.

The aim of this second pillar is to offer support to high-school and middle-school students who are interested in pursuing scientific studies, and who have the potential to do so, but do not have the right environment to do so. This support takes the form of in-school tutoring, online tutoring, science master classes and science camps.

The aim of this pillar is to form IP Paris students through their commitment to actions in favor of equal opportunity, and to enhance the value of this investment. It will aim to increase student involvement in various equal opportunity initiatives targeting middle and high school students.

LThe aim of this pillar will be to assess the effectiveness and impact of initiatives undertaken by IP Paris and its member schools, through the gradual introduction of processes for measuring the impact of equal opportunity initiatives, in conjunction with government bodies and in coordination with other engineering schools in defining key indicators.

Working closely with the teaching departments of member schools and teacher-researchers, the Center will be responsible for monitoring initiatives aimed at providing access to pathways to excellence, helping to develop these initiatives, participating in multi-disciplinary research projects on social and gender diversity, and making sure that the IP Paris schools provide adequate support for "equal opportunity" talent.