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Innovation and entrepreneurship

Along with education and research, innovation is one of three strategic pillars on which the Institut Polytechnique de Paris is based.
Innovation and entrepreneurship

In a changing world, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris encourages entrepreneurship among our students, researchers and alumni, the impact of which will, for example, help take up the greatest challenges facing the world today, whether economic, societal or environmental.

"DeepTech" start-ups

The innovation strategy of Institut Polytechnique de Paris and its schools aims to support entrepreneurship and start-up creation to nurture the success stories of tomorrow, particularly "DeepTech" start-ups, drawing on the cutting-edge technology available at our laboratories. The institute offers several start-up incubators and other programs designed to support entrepreneurs, which pool and foster synergy between their resources, such as FabLabs, studios and workshops. An entire ecosystem has been developed to help spark new ideas that can drive disruption and provide innovative solutions. Students benefit from entrepreneurship training and tools and may adapt their course work when launching a start-up project. 

Novation Centers

The Institut Polytechnique de Paris has created a network of entrepreneurship facilities, including the Drahi-X Novation Center and Telecom Paris Novation Center, which are multi-faceted organizations including incubators, accelerators, FabLabs, investment clubs and VC, international support programs, links with companies etc. With its Novation Centers, the institute  aims to fast-track the success of entrepreneurs from its ecosystem and enhance its reputation for entrepreneurship, to establish its position as a leader in technological innovation, both in France and internationally.

Technology transfer

Supporting innovation also means working closely with the laboratories to foster and support the development of technologies that are likely to be protected and transferred. To this end, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris has put in place an annual call for projects. It has teams equipped with technical and legal expertise to ensure intellectual property protection and promote technologies to be transferred to companies and start-ups. The Institut Polytechnique leverages its close ties with the business world to benefit our young entrepreneurs and foster their success. 


In 2023, Institut Polytechnique de Paris launched its first entrepreneurship night, INNOV'NIGHT IP Paris, an event that will now be organized annually and open to students from IP Paris schools and partner schools. Throughout a night filled with coach and experts presentations, students step into the shoes of entrepreneurs, forming teams to propose innovative scientific and technological solutions that align with market needs, all accompanied by a detailed business model.