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At IP Paris we encourage you to take part in sport and want to make it easy for you, because besides physical qualities, it develops team spirit, perseverance, and the ability to push yourself. You can play lots of different sports in our many indoor and outdoor facilities: tennis, horse riding, football, volleyball, dance, swimming, etc.

Palaiseau Campus

The sporting facilities on the IP campus are available under different subscriptions to sports clubs, or school associations.

Indoor facilities

  • gyms
  • weightlifting rooms
  • fencing room
  • 25-meter swimming pools
  • volleyball court
  • basketball court
  • handball court
  • climbing walls
  • dojo
  • dance studio
  • shooting range

A new sports hall that will be accessible to all 5 schools is soon to be inaugurated and will offer access to a weights and cardio room, martial arts studio, a dojo and a boxing ring (kickboxing and standard), among others.

Outdoor facilities

  • 1 riding school with 30 horses
  • 1 400m athletics track
  • 1 semi-artificial lake
  • 1 climbing wall
  • 4 football pitches
  • 3 rugby pitches
  • 8 tennis courts
  • 1 beach volleyball court
  • 1 driving range

Sports itinerary

The IP Paris campus’ sports itinerary provides you with plenty of possibilities. You will have the opportunity to keep in shape thanks to the health track or to take advantage of the greenery in the heart of Saclay Plateau, on foot or by bike.

Évry Campus (Télécom SudParis)

Facilities on campus

  • 1 1000m2 gym for indoor sport
  • 3 well-lit tennis courts, open access
  • 1 basketball court
  • 1 beach volleyball court
  • 2 boules pitches
  • 1 outdoor gym
  • 1 weightlifting room and cardio room with quality equipment.

Other nearby sports facilities offered by Évry

  • 2 swimming pools
  • 1 football stadium
  • 1 rugby stadium
  • 1 athletics track
  • 1 dojo 200 meters from campus (Évry judo, SCA2000)
  • 1 gym at Parc des Loges (street hockey court)
  • 1 rowing and sailing club (SCA2000 Evry)
  • 1 golf club at Etoilles (lessons and GreenFee)
  • 1 riding club in Etiolles
  • and more.

The big sporting events our schools participate in

Coupe de l’X

From the very beginning of the year, this tournament will ignite your passion by bringing together 12 of the best Parisian schools for a fierce fight.


The biggest student sport tournament in France. It gathers participants from many engineering schools, business schools and universities from all four corners of France.

Challenge Centrale Lyon

One of the biggest sporting events for students in Grandes Écoles.


Taking place on our Saclay campus, and organized by SubOptique, it’s THE tournament. It aims to promote female athletes in a wide variety of disciplines: volleyball, basketball, tennis and badminton.

Challenge du monde des grandes écoles

A sports tournament combined with meetings with companies. It takes place at the end of the year when you will be able to demonstrate your professional skills and/or sporting talents.


The sports tournament for the military academy grandes écoles. 7 disciplines are hosted by the national defense sports center in Fontainebleau and managed by the Antibes Battalion: boxing, orienteering, cross country, horse riding, climbing, football and volleyball. École Polytechnique hosts indoor rowing, badminton, basketball, fencing, handball, judo, swimming, and rugby at Palaiseau. L’École Navale in Brest hosts the sailing.

Sports associations

École Polytechnique’s sports associations

The I’X (CSX) sports club is made up of 31 adult sports squads, 7 children’s sports squads and 1 toy library/multimedia department. Most of these are supervised by volunteers and qualified coaches and a minority by paid external instructors.

CSX reserves the right to cap the number of memberships dependent on current availability.

École Polytechnique themselves have many sports associations:

  • X-Para: X-Para organize and partially subsidize weekends away and parachuting courses for students.
  • Plongée: In association with the I’X sports club they organize diving expeditions and getting a license.
  • Montagne: Montagne offers many mountain-based activities such as cross-country skiing, hiking, climbing and of course mountaineering.
  • Parapente: The Paragliding society organizes paragliding outings for students.
  • Water-Polo: The association offers water polo activities in collaboration with the I’X Sports club.
  • X-Circus: X-Circus organizes circus classes, takes parts in events such as Point Gamma and organizes shows every year.

ENSTA Paris sports associations

The sports office (BDS) drives sporting at ENSTA. Among the most active sports associations are:

  • L’ENSTAQUET Sailing association
  • The school’s sailing club
  • 7 à Paris, the famous international student rugby sevens tournament
  • Enstartiflette who organize the annual ski trip

For more information and associations go to the sports office website: BDS.

ENSAE Paris Sports associations

The sports office (BDS).
Events available include inter-school competitions, official tournaments (challenge centrale Lyon, coupe de l’X, TOSS, Raid, GOST, French student cups), and other smaller scale events: sports nights, sports weekends, friendly tournaments.

Sports associations at Télécom Paris

Lots of clubs and societies offer varied activities to students:

  • Sailing
  • Badminton
  • Handball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • and more.

Télécom Sud Paris sports associations

  • ASINT Sports department
  • Equ'IT Horse riding
  • Golfclub Golf
  • Pomp'INT Cheerleading
  • Xtreme Running