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Doing research at IP Paris

Institut Polytechnique de Paris supports its researchers and future researchers by giving them the means to achieve their ambitions through services to help them develop their research to the highest international level.
Doing research at IP Paris

Learning: doctoral studies

By performing in-depth research work in a laboratory, a research doctorate enables the student to acquire a wide range of skills. Preparing a thesis is a professional project in its own right and represents the culmination of the academic training. It requires a high degree of autonomy, boldness and creativity, and also the ability to work as part of a team in an international and competitive environment. These assets are essential not only for top-flight researchers, but also for future managers in all areas of activity, in particular industry.


The Grants Office helps IP Paris researchers to identify the external funding that is best suited to them, to develop successful proposals and to manage their projects effectively in order to support the development of research through the growth of institutional funding.


The IP Paris International Center for French Language and Culture aims to promote excellence for all international students and staff arriving on our campus, in all aspects of their experience of French and Francophone language and culture.

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The ELEVATE Center (Excellence in Language, Eloquence, and Verbal Advancement for Technical Endeavours) supports research lecturers in ensuring the quality of their English in written and oral communications, for training and research purposes.

Set up in 2023, the Science Communication Unit works with researchers to raise their profile and help them communicate their research work to non-specialist audiences.


Accreditation to Supervise Research

In France, the Accreditation to Supervise Research (“Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches” - HDR) is an academic qualification awarded by a committee of experts who evaluate the candidate's career, research skills and scientific contributions. It permits researchers to supervise research work and hold positions of responsibility.


An exceptional ecosystem

Institut Polytechnique de Paris organizes its research on a campus located in the heart of the Plateau de Saclay – the “European Silicon Valley”, on the outskirts of Paris. The Plateau de Saclay is an exceptional and stimulating ecosystem, featuring a large number of research and teaching institutions as well as corporate research centres.