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E4C: Center on Energy and Climate Change

With Energy4Climate, IP Paris aims at bringing solutions to the partner laboratories and a strong international approach. Energy4Climate is a program that aims to train future leaders E4C Student Challenge - « Achieving net-zero carbon emissions institutions E4C Partners Institut Polytechnique de Paris …
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E4C contributes to the First Report on Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Sea

de météorologie dynamique (LMD-IPSL*) and head of the E4C Interdisciplinary Center, and was co-piloted and fed by equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize. > Discover the E4C website > Learn more about MAR1 report > Find the jury's Involving researchers from the interdisciplinary centre Energy4Climate (E4C) on climate studies and economics, the …
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Energy4Climate Challenge: how students fuel tomorrow’s research

:[]}] The E4C challenge aims to give students the opportunity to apply …
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Interview with Olivier Guaitella, expert in CO2 recycling by plasma

Paris. Do you interact with the interdisciplinary center E4C (Energy4Climate), which brings together researchers working on Yes, within the LPP, several researchers are involved in E4C project on completely different themes. For example, …
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