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Department of Mathematics

Disciplinary research at Institut Polytechnique de Paris is based on the expertise of its founding schools. Mathematics is one of ten disciplinary research fields bringing together top researchers and PhD students at state-of-the art laboratories and facilities.
Department of Mathematics

Whether fundamental or applied, mathematics can be found everywhere in the world around us. Rigorous knowledge gained through logical reasoning, mathematics is a fundamental research topic in its own right, for which Institut Polytechnique de Paris researchers are internationally recognized. Laying the theoretical foundations required to further knowledge in other associated disciplines, it gives rise to many applications that are closely connected to the problems posed by physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology and health, finance as well as in socio-economic or information technology fields.

Fundamental and applied research in mathematics at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris aims to:

  • Further fundamental research in mathematics at the highest international level.
  • Develop research in applied mathematics related  to physics, mechanics, computer science and economics.
  • Explore new methods for modeling, analysis and simulation in order to respond to new societal and industrial issues.

World-class research areas

Fundamental and applied research in mathematics at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris focuses on:

  • Probability theory
    • Models in biology
    • Financial mathematics
  • Statistics
    • Machine learning
    • Theoretical and computational aspects of statistics
  • Pure mathematics
    • Algebra
    • Geometry and dynamics
    • PDEs
  • Numerical analysis
    • Wave propagation and other models in physics
    • Inverse problems
    • High performance computing
  • Optimization
    • Discrete and continuous optimization
    • Shape optimization


Member of the education and research department

The research strategy for this field is implemented by researchers from Institut Polytechnique de Paris schools. They work together to conduct world-class research at state-of-the-art facilities. 

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Head of the department

Franck Pacard
Franck Pacard

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