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Department of Humanities, Art, Literature and Languages

Disciplinary research at Institut Polytechnique de Paris is based on the expertise of its founding schools. Humanities, Arts, Literature and Languages is one of ten disciplinary research fields bringing together top researchers and PhD students at state-of-the art laboratories and facilities.
Department of Humanities, Art, Literature and Languages

Research in the humanities at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris focuses on analyzing the relationship between science, technology and society by combining the expertise from the various fields of humanities and the social sciences. It aims to develop new knowledge configurations to respond to cross-cutting issues, often situated at the boundaries between the disciplines of epistemology and the history of science, philosophy, history, literature, political science, geopolitics and the study of conflict, sociology, "the cognitive sciences, arts, architecture and sustainable urban planning." 

The faculty members of our five schools are strongly committed to helping students develop critical thinking and curiosity and to opening their minds to the challenges facing the world today. This training allows students to develop their capacities for intuition, dialogue and innovation to prepare them for the demands of the complex, multicultural society around them. Education and research in this field offers specializations in the field of cognitive sciences and in fields such as political sciences, public affairs and international relations. It also leads to employment opportunities blending science and art, in architecture and urban planning as well as image-related fields (cinema, drawing animation for video games, design).

World-class research areas

  • Science and technology in society
    • History and philosophy of science and technology
    • Arts and sciences
  • Political rationality
    • Political philosophy and contemporary history
    • Political science
  • Data in society
    • Geopolitics and conflict research on war 
    • Digital humanities 


Member of the education and research department

The research strategy for this field is implemented by faculty members from Institut Polytechnique de Paris schools. They work together to conduct world-class research at state-of-the-art facilities.

Head of the department

Frédéric Brechenmacher
Frédéric Brechenmacher

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