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Department of Mechanics and Energetics

Disciplinary research at Institut Polytechnique de Paris is based on the expertise of its founding schools. Mechanics and Energetics is one of ten disciplinary research fields bringing together top researchers and PhD students at state-of-the art laboratories and facilities.
Department of Mechanics and Energetics

Mechanics focuses on the study of materials and environments, whether solid, fluid, porous, inert, active or living, as well as the structures and systems made from them. At both a very small and very large scale, it studies their movement, deformation, state of equilibrium and transient response when subjected to mechanical loads as well as when combined with thermal, electromagnetic, chemical, biological or other effects. Research at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris focuses on both solid and fluid mechanics and on energy and environment-related issues. It covers a wide range of applications, including meteorology, civil and mechanical engineering, transportation, energy, defense, living organisms and the design and characterization of innovative materials and structures for an array of industries. 

Fundamental and applied research in mechanics and energetics at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris aims to:

  • Improve our understanding of materials, structures, fluids, the climate system and multi-phase environments through advanced experimental observation, mechanical modeling and digital multiphysics and multi-scale simulation.
  • Design new materials, models and systems using processes to optimize shape, performance, structure or technologies such as additive manufacturing through 3D printing.  
  • Develop research projects for applications in fields such as transportation, energy, the environment, defense, medicine and sports.

World-class research areas

  • Biomechanics
    • Biomedical engineering
    • Plant biomechanics
    • Mechanics of living organisms 
  • Energy and environment
    • Dynamic atmospheric processes
    • Surface/atmosphere interactions
    • Water cycle and clouds
    • Climate variability and change
    • Composition of the atmosphere
  • Fluid mechanics
    • Aerodynamics
    • Turbulence
    • Multiphase flows
    • Soft matter
    • Active fluids
    • Microfluidics
  • Mechanics of solids and structures
    • Smart, functional structures and materials
    • Durability and fracture
    • Additive manufacturing
    • Multiphysics
    • Multi-scale modeling
  • Vibrations, waves and acoustics
    • Metamaterials
    • Wave propagation and attenuation
    • Non-linear dynamics
  • Cross-disciplinary research areas
    • Fluid-structure interactions
    • Computational mechanics
    • Physics of sports
    • Econophysics
    • Arts and sciences


Members of the Education and Research Departement

The research strategy for this field is implemented by researchers from Institut Polytechnique de Paris schools. They work together to conduct world-class research at state-of-the-art facilities.

Head of the department

Jean-François Semblat
Jean-François Semblat

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