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PhD student

The PhD student community at a glance

  • 950 PhD students
  • 230 post-doctoral fellows


By pooling the disciplinary expertise and research facilities of its five founding schools, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris offers ideal conditions for researchers and future researchers. Pursuing a PhD at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris means benefitting from optimal support to innovate and expand the frontiers of knowledge. The internationally-recognized doctoral degree opens up high-level career opportunities in both the public and private sector.

PhD Students

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PhD program at IP Paris: Expanding the boundaries of science

The Institut Polytechnique de Paris offers a globally-recognized PhD program. Through its excellence and ambition, the PhD program prepares students for outstanding scientific careers in academia and industry, whether in France or abroad.
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Interdisciplinary centers

The Interdisciplinary Centers of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris combine the expertise of our researchers and partners to respond to major societal problems through the complementary viewpoints and methodologies of each discipline. Researchers from different disciplines combine their views, know-how and methods to provide original and innovative solutions to the major issues of our century. The Institut Polytechnique de Paris has created interdisciplinary centers on energy and climate as well as AI and data analysis. It is working to create others in areas such as defense and cybersecurity or biomedical engineering.
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