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PhD in Engineering, Mechanics and Energy

The Engineering, Mechanics and Energetics field of the Doctoral School of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris federates innovative areas of research around the environment, mechanics and energy.
PhD in Engineering, Mechanics and Energy

The Engineering, Mechanics and Energy field of the Doctoral School of the IP Paris brings together innovative research lines related to solid and fluid mechanics, renewable and conventional energies, and environmental science. The research projects that it federates focus on major scientific challenges and initiatives in these areas, including the behaviour of novel materials, their production and use ; the design of optimal structures in interaction with their environment ; and fluid mechanics in industrial and environmental settings.

The original interdisciplinary approaches that researchers in this field pursue are founded on a constant dialogue between theory and experiments, numerical simulations, and the multiscale modeling of complex systems. They are in permanent interaction with such disciplines as applied mathematics and condensed matter physics.

Ph.D. projects in this domain aim at responding to climate and environmental issues and to challenges in renewable and conventional energies, mobility, security, and nano- and biotechnologies. They are regularly conducted in partnership with industry, and more generally with various socio-economic actors.

  • Environmental sciences
  • Energy, processes
  • Fluid and solid mechanics
  • Engineering materials and structures
  • Biomechanics
  • aero- and hydrodynamics, acoustics.
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