Institut Polytechnique de Paris
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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors defines the strategic guidelines of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris and their implementation. It also specifies its operating rules and their execution. It approves IP Paris priorities, internal policy framework and budget. It is also in charge of reviewing IP Paris management and performance.


Prof. Thierry Coulhon, Acting Chairman of the Board of Institut Polytechnique de Paris

State and local representatives


  • Mr Emmanuel Chiva, Chief executive of the Direction générale de l’Armement (DGA), French Ministry of Defence
  • Mr Luc Rousseau, Vice-Chairman of the Conseil Général de l'Economie (General Council for the Economy)
  • Ms Sylvie Lagarde, Director for Methodology, Statistical Coordination and International Relations (DMCSI), INSEE
  • Ms Anne-Sophie Barthez, Director General of Higher Education and Professional Integration, French Ministry of Education and Research
  • Ms Claire Giry, Director General for Research and innovation,French Ministry of Education and Research
  • Mr. Arnaud Wieber, Head of Office for Energy, shareholdings, industry and innovation (3BEPII) in the Budget Directorate, French Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Mr Thibault Humbert, Regional Councilor, île-de-France
  • Mr Grégoire de Lasteyrie, Mayor of Palaiseau

Substitute members

  • Mr. Thierry Carlier, Technical Director, Deputy Chief executive of the Direction générale de l’Armement (DGA), French Ministry of Defence
  • Ms Marie-Solange Tissier, President, Regulatory Resources Section, CGE, French Ministry of Economy and FinanceMr
  • Jean-Luc Tavernier, Director-General of INSEE
  • Ms Isabelle Prat, Head of Training and Student Life Strategy Department, Assistant to the Executive Director, French Ministry of Education and Research
  • Mr Cyril Moulin, Assistant to the Director General of Research and Innovation,
  • Mr Ahmed J’Mila, Assistant to the Head of the Office of Energy, Investments, Industry and Innovation in the Budget Department
  • Mr Mathieu Culp, Regional Councilor, île-de-France
  • Ms Catherine Vittecoq, Deputy Mayor of Palaiseau, in charge of economic growth, employement and promotion of science

Qualified Personalities

  • Mr Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of Total, Member of École Polytechnique Board of Directors
  • Mr Laurent Giovachini, Laurent Giovachini, Deputy Director, Sopra Steria - President of ENSTA Paris Board of Directors
  • Mr Olivier Huart, President of IMT Board of Directors - CEO of TDF Group
  • Ms Barbara Dalibard, President of Michelin Supervisory Board
  • Ms Diaa Elyaaccoubi, Entrepreneur
  • Ms Astrid Lambrecht, Director, Institute of physics, CNRS
  • Ms Florence Lustman, President of the French Insurance Federation
  • Mr Andreas Mortensen, Vice President for Research, EPFL

Staff and users representatives


  • Mr Laurent Pautet, Télécom Paris
  • Mr Phillipe Ciblat, Télécom Paris
  • Mr Samuel Tardieu, Télécom Paris
  • Mr Christophe Blondel, CNRS
  • Ms Aldjia Mazari,École Polytechnique
  • Mr Philipe Fessier, ENSTA Paris
  • Mr Ulysse Hennebelle, École polytechnique
  • Ms Mariam Barry, IP Paris
  • Mr Valentin Martin, Télécom Paris

Substitute members

  • Mr Benjamin Werner, École Polytechnique
  • Mr Frédéric Lehmann, Télécom SudParis
  • Ms Elise Provost, ENSTA Paris
  • Mr Hervé Henry, CNRS
  • Ms Astrid Auzou-Connes, ENSTA Paris
  • Mr Dominique Blouin, Télécom Paris
  • Mr Nicolas Conrath, Télécom SudParis
  • Mr Joseph Chakar, IP Paris
  • Mr Jules Edouard, Télécom Paris