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2020 E4C Student Challenge: discover the winners

15 Oct. 2020
The virtual awards ceremony for the first edition of the E4C Student Challenge highlighted the projects of more than a hundred students from 10 different institutions, committed to the energy transition of metropolises.
2020 E4C Student Challenge: discover the winners

This international challenge on sustainable development, launched in October 2019 by the interdisciplinary center Energy for Climate for “Imagining a Carbon-Free City”, allowed students to put their knowledge into practice in order to develop realistic and innovative proposals that respond to one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Paula Charles, Loraine Coste, Camille Plessis, Victor de Bretagne, Thomas Rousselet (X2017), Martin Vaz (Master at l’Ecole polytechnique) et Charlotte Hacot (Sciences Po), supervised by Gilles Bordier (CEA) won the ward with their “Metr’eau’Pole” project. This project aims to reuse Energy in waste water within cities by recovering, on the one hand, the thermal heat from the waste water via a heat exchanger in order to produce heating, and on the other hand, the mechanical energy due to the evacuation of waste water by installing turbines in the pipes.

Second place was attributed to a team of students from Columbia University for their project “Waste Not, Want Not” analyzing the feasibility of re-sourcing bio-gas utilized for electric generation at Parisian Wastewater Treatment Plants for conversion to a Bio-CNG fuel for use by the city’s bus network. The team composed of 4 members was supervised by Juan Francisco Saldarriaga from Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Columbia University.

The 2021 edition will focus on « Achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050: local-scale actions ». More information