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The OCEAN project wins the ERC Synergy Grant

18 Nov. 2022
OCEAN (On IntelligenCE And Networks) project aims to develop a new learning methodology where learning is shared between different users, each retaining their autonomy and control over their data. The project is led respectively by Éric Moulines, École Polytechnique, Michael Jordan, UC Berkeley, Christian Robert, Université Paris Dauphine-PSL and Gareth Roberts of the University of Warwick.
The OCEAN project wins the ERC Synergy Grant

Artificial intelligence, and in particular the field of statistical learning (machine learning), has made considerable progress in recent years. Image recognition, speech recognition and machine translation algorithms are examples of success stories that are already being implemented in everyday life. But AI’s current model has its limitations. It works in a very centralised way: each user provides his or her data, and then the calculations are done in one place. It poses technical (bottlenecks in data processing) and social (private data, power’s centralisation) problems...