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Lifelong learning

With its curriculum of excellence in line with the needs of the economic world, lifelong learning at the member schools of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris enables employees to develop their skills and allows companies to cultivate knowledge and know-how internally to boost their competitiveness.
Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is aimed at people (employees, self-employed, job seekers, etc.) wishing to acquire or strengthen a qualification, while at the same time enhancing their professional experience. It can also be offered directly by employers to their employees. 

Lifelong learning at the Ecole Polytechnique

Lifelong learning at the ENSTA Paris

Carry out a lifelong learning course with EUROSA:

Lifelong learning at the ENSAE Paris

ENSAE-ENSAI, a lifelong learning unit of the Group of National Schools of Economics and Statistics:

Lifelong learning at Télécom Paris

Lifelong learning at Télécom SudParis