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Executive Education on Quantum

Executive Education on Quantum

IP Paris "Executive Education" offer on quantum is designed for engineers, scientists, decision-makers, company and startup CEO who are confronted with a real paradigm shift when faced with the use and manipulation of new concepts related to the quantum vision of reality for technological applications.

Why train on quantum concepts?

  • As a CEO, the general understanding of the strategic stakes and the infinite possibilities offered by quantum technology will allow you to include it in your global R&D strategy and thus allow your company to innovate and position itself as a leader in your market.
  • As a start-up, the inclusion of quantum issues and aspects in your strategy and projects will allow you to develop disruptive innovations.
  • As a manager, the global understanding of quantum issues will allow you to refine your projects and support your scientific and technical teams to ensure the success of your actions.
  • As a scientist or engineer, the deepening of your knowledge on technical issues related to quantum will contribute to the success of your research projects.

Why take a quantum training course at IP Paris?

  • Training provided by internationally recognized experts in their field, based on the expertise of our engineering schools in terms of high value-added Executive Education program
  • Tailor-made training programs that are adapted to your needs and developed in collaboration with you
  • Programs developed with scientific coordinators who are specialists in their field to include the latest advances and ensure that you are at the cutting edge of quantum-related topics.

What types of training does IP Paris offer?

IP Paris offers training programs that aim at acquiring a strategic vision of quantum or to deepen a technical concept.

  • Acquire a strategic vision of quantum
    • Seminars for executives and Executive Committee
    • Learning Expeditions for management teams
    • Awareness training for managers, engineers, technicians, scientists to understand Quantum Computing
  • Specialized trainings to strengthen your technical knowledge
    • Quantum Physics
    • Quantum Sensors
    • Quantum Materials
    • Quantum Computing and Quantum Computing
    • Quantum Cryptography

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