PhD Track

Green House Gases Decrease


The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in industrial and domestic activities, as well as the capture and sequestration of these pollutants, are two major challenges in the urgent fight against climate change. This five-year PhD Track is intended to train future high-level researchers in scientific and technological disciplines related to those objectives. It starts with a two-year period with advanced courses on the physical and chemical principles of GHG formation, detection, capture, storage and valorization. Students also participate in research projects carried out by IP Paris Laboratories involved in the Track and attend seminars on climate protection and GHG mitigation. Supervised by experienced researchers at the forefront of climate research, on the control of greenhouse gas emissions and their remediation, they thus benefit from first-class research experience. At the end of the second year, the students who meet the academic requirements receive a Master Degree. Those who have achieved outstanding results and identified a thesis subject and a supervisor in one of the involved Labs are allowed to start a three-year PhD program.

Language of instruction: English
ECTS: 120 for the first 2 years of MSc
Oriented: Research
Duration: 2 years (MSc) + 3 years (PhD)
Courses Location: IP Paris – Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE Paris, ENSTA Paris, Telecom Paris, Telecom SudParis

Educational Objectives

This PhD track aims at providing a coherent training program, based on solid scientific bases, to students attracted by research in the field of climate change remediation by greenhouse gases decrease.

At the end of the first year, the students should have acquired a high level knowledge of the scientific basis related to energy conversion technologies and the related environment and climate issues. They will also get a broad comprehension of the economy and society impacts of the energy transition. The second term is mainly dedicated to a research internship.

The second year is based on specialization courses in a variety of fields related to energy transition, GHG and related climate issues, to be chosen among the rich offer of IP Paris. Students are allocated an individual advisor among the program faculty. They regularly spend time within the research Labs, attend the joint IP Paris research seminars, and conduct a research project under the supervision of a faculty member. They write a research report and are strongly encouraged to prepare a first manuscript for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal.

Program Structure

The Track is organized in a two-year period, at the end of which a Master of Sciences is delivered, followed by a three-year PhD dissertation period. The course program followed by each student is individualized as much as possible according to his/her wishes and in coherence with the targeted PhD subject. The program is validated by the student’s tutor, who is a member of the IP Paris faculty.

First year courses cover the fields of Physics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Chemical engineering, applied Mathematics, and Communication sciences.

The second year offers advanced courses dedicated to the knowledge of GHG effects on climate, their mechanism of formation, their detection and measurement, the technological solutions for their capture, long term storage and conversion to valuable products, as well solutions to avoid or reduce their emissions into the atmosphere. Courses in management and economics are also taught. Here is a non-exhaustive list of courses that may be chosen:

  • Climate change & energy transition
  • Combustion
  • Greenhouse gases challenges and observation
  • Modeling for Energy and Climate
  • Optimization of energy processes
  • Treatment of effluents from energy industry
  • Economics of Energy Markets
  • Energy economics with a geography focus
  • Environmental management

During the three-year Doctorate program, the students are submitted to the rules of IP Paris Doctoral School and have to validate a set of doctoral courses.

Involved Laboratories

Career prospects

The offer of PhD subject on topics related to energy transition and climate change mitigation will be strengthened through the Energy for Climate (E4C) Interdisciplinary Center. The PhD Track is intended for outstanding students wishing to pursue a PhD in one of the IP Paris laboratories involved in E4C. It gives the opportunity to start working on a long-term research project while being funded from the beginning of the Master.

Institutional Partners

Ecole Polytechnique
Telecom Paris
Telecom SudParis

Industrial Partners

The following companies may be cited as examples of industrial partners of the PhD Track: Total; ENGIE; EDF; PSA Peugeot Citroën; Saint-Gobain; Schneider Electric; Air Liquide; Alstom; Cogenpower; Nam.R; Zinium; etc. Some of these companies are strongly involved in the E4C Interdisciplinary Center and participate in the development of demonstrators and platforms. Students thus have the opportunity to take practical training on pilot-scale research facilities addressing the major issues of the energy transition during their internships.


Application guidelines for a PhD Track at IP Paris

Academic prerequisites
Licence/BSc (or equivalent diploma) with highest honors in one of the following disciplines: energy engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, sustainable development. A high motivation and potential for research is essential. Students who have completed the first year of an equivalent program may exceptionally be directly admitted to the second year.

Language prerequisites
English Level B2 (Students who studied in English speaking Colleges are exempted).

Application timeline
The deadline for PhD Track application is February 28, 2020 – Extended to March 22, 2020
Eligible applicants on the basis of the provided documentation will be contacted for an interview from the 15th of March onwards.

You shall receive an answer 2 months after the application deadline of the session.
You can check your application status by logging in your candidate space.

Tuition Fees

Annual tuition fees for year 1 and 2 (MSc): for PhD track students IP Paris has decided to subsidize the tuition fees for Years 1 and 2 bringing them down from 6250 Euros (non EU students) / 4250 Euros (EU students) to the level of the official tuition fees of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and innovation for EU students (243 Euros in 2019-2020) 
Annual tuition fees for year 3 to 5 (PhD): Official tuition fees of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and innovation ( EU and non EU students pay the EU fees ; 380 euros in 2019-2020)
An annual scholarship may be granted to the best applicants for the first 2 years (MSc). Modalities will be communicated by February 15th 2020.
Successful applicants will obtain a three-year PhD scholarship for year 3 to 5.