PhD Track

Electrical Engineering


Students engaged in the Engineering for Communications and Information Processing PhD Track will be involved in highly challenging research programs in the field of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies. They will benefit from the long tradition of high standards and excellence of some of the most renowned ICT Labs in France: Telecom Paris/LTCI; Telecom SudParis/SAMOVAR and ENSTA/U2IS.
These IP Paris research labs have all a strong publication track record in the transformative areas of:

  • Wireless and optical communications
  • Multimedia networking
  • Embedded systems and integrated circuits
  • Virtual reality
  • Data processing

Program Structure

Engaged along cutting-edge research within the Lab strong environment, the PhD track students will actively participate to challenging topics such as:

  • Ultra-dense, any rate network connectivity
  • Seemingly infinite capacity networks
  • Perpetual digital protection and security
  • Scalable data collection and analysis
  • Smart objects based IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence-driven environments
  • Autonomous vehicle

To complete their program, PhD track students will be supervised in order to select a distinctive set of research relevant courses among the 8 EECI tracks. A total of 90 credits will be requested for the first two years, for a total of 120 credits for the full program.

Involved Laboratories


Application guidelines for a PhD Track at IP Paris

Academic prerequisites

Licence/BSc (or equivalent diploma) with highest honors.

Students may also have the possibility to start the PhD Program in the second year of the MSc (4-year PhD program).

Language prerequisites


Application timeline

The deadline for PhD Track application is February 28, 2020 – Extended to March 22, 2020
Eligible applicants on the basis of the provided documentation will be contacted for an interview from the 15th of March onwards.

You shall receive an answer 2 months after the application deadline of the session.
You can check your application status by logging in your candidate space.

Tuition Fees

Annual tuition fees for year 1 and 2 (MSc): for PhD track students IP Paris has decided to subsidize the tuition fees for Years 1 and 2 bringing them down from 6250 Euros (non EU students) / 4250 Euros (EU students) to the level of the official tuition fees of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and innovation for EU students (243 Euros in 2019-2020) 
Annual tuition fees for year 3 to 5 (PhD): Official tuition fees of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and innovation ( EU and non EU students pay the EU fees ; 380 euros in 2019-2020)
An annual scholarship may be granted to the best applicants for the first 2 years (MSc). Modalities will be communicated by February 15th 2020.
Successful applicants will obtain a three-year PhD scholarship for year 3 to 5.


 Alexandre Vervisch-Picois