Master 2

Fluid Mechanics


The Fluids track of the master in mechanics of the Institut Polytechnique Paris (IP Paris) aims at offering a general formation covering the main active research domains in fluid mechanics with lectures in aeronautics, bio-mechanics, magnetohydrodynamics, fluid-structure interactions for instance. Firstly, experimental and numerical approaches will be combined with theoretical lectures on the fundamentals domains of the fields. The second part of the year is dedicated to a long research internship to be done in academic or industrial research centers.

Language of instruction: English
ECTS: 60
Oriented: research
Duration: 1 year
Courses Location: Ecole Polytechnique/ENSTA, Palaiseau and Sorbonne University, Paris.

Educational objectives

The fluids track (F) is one of the specialization domains of the master of mechanics of IP Paris. After a first year (M1) that provides a general formation in mechanics (with few elective classes that allow for a first specialization), the M2-Fluids provides lectures widely covering the active research domains in fluid mechan-ics. The first semester is dedicated to lectures in fundamental and theoretical fluid mechanics as well as numerical and experimental aspects. The second part of the year consists in a long internship either in aca-demic or industrial laboratories.

Program structure

3 ECTS per lectures, 10 lectures to take among the following list with the possibility to exchange few lec-tures with other lectures from the master. Written exams.
• Active matter & mobility
• Advanced experimental methods: fluids
• Computational mechanics: fluids
• Frontiers in fluid mechanics
• Geophysical flows & waves
• Instabilities
• Interfaces/microfluidics
• Magnetohydrodynamics
• Theoretical fluid mechanics
• Turbulence
• Introductory research project

Laboratories involved

Four laboratories of the IP Paris are involved, covering all the scientific domains of the master:

Career prospects

This program allows for a large range of future careers. If most of the students usually pursue into a PhD, some may directly join a research and development team in a company. Moreover the PhD can be per-formed in different contexts, from academic to industrial laboratories.
Institutional partners: CNRS, EDF, CEA, ONERA
Industrial partners: CEA, ONERA, EDF
Chairs and Partnerships: Peugeot, EDF and Arkema chairs
Tuition fees:
Social networks:


Application guidelines for a master’s program at IP Paris

Academic prerequisites

  • Completion of the 1st year of a master programin science (Master 1), with some specialties in mechanical engineering, physics or mathematics.

Language prerequisites
knowledge in english and/or french is needed. Most of the lectures will be available in english while some might be offered also in french. Only few will be available only in french and the program is made such that an english speaking student will have the opportunity to graduate without any french prerequisites. French lectures for non-french speaking student will be offered along the program.

Application timeline
Deadlines for the Master application sessions are as follows:
– First session: February 28, 2020
– Second session: April 30, 2020
– Third Session (optional): June 30, 2020 (only if there are availabilities remaining after the 2 first sessions)
Applications not finalized for a session will automatically be carried over to the next session.

You shall receive an answer 2 months after the application deadline of the session.
You can check your application status by logging in your candidate space.

Tuition fees

National Master: Official tuition fees of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (2019-2020, EU students: 243 euros / Non-EU students: 3770 euros)


Quéré David, fluid mechanics and interfaces

Ortiz-Clerc Sabine, instabilities and geophysical flows