Interdisciplinary centers to respond to economic and social challenges

E4C : Centre of Energy for Climate

With Energy4Climate, IP Paris aims at bringing solutions to the energy transition taking advantage of the expertise of more than 25 partner laboratories and a strong international approach. Energy4Climate is a program that aims to train future leaders of the new energies’ markets.

Future initiative on artificial intelligence and data analysis

IP Paris brings together significant research assets in data science and artificial intelligence and is driving a project to create a major interdisciplinary initiative covering these technological areas;

Future initiative in Biomedical Engineering

IP Paris will conduct cutting-edge research projects and will offer education and PhD programs in biomedical engineering.

Future initiative in cybersecurity

IP Paris will conduct research projects aiming at finding solutions to resolve current and emerging related to the digital world.

10 areas of actions to respond to current economic & social challenges

The Institut Polytechnique de Paris has identified ten major areas of actions which the combined expertise of its five founding institutions, will allow to bring scientific and technological solutions to current societal and economic challenges. Thanks to an interdisciplinary approach and its 30 laboratories, IP Paris aims at developing concrete solutions in 10 major areas of actions in 5 priority research fields. These research fields are all related to the current major societal and economic transitions:

Energy and Climate
Climate challenge is one of the biggest challenges’ humanity is facing. It is essential to conduct research at the highest level in this area both to improve our forecasts of climate change and to find solutions towards the energy transition. IP Paris focuses its research work around two priority areas:

  • Environment and Climate
  • Energy

Our society is currently experiencing an impressively fast transition in which digital world is offering many possibilities and unveil a wide range of opportunities. In this context, the laboratories of IP Paris Institutions combined set of skills allow to advance three priority areas:

  • AI & Data Sciences
  • Networks and Internet of things
  • Digital simulation

We live in a world in which we face a number of threats. Capitalizing on the expertise of IP Paris Institutions, particularly in computer science and mathematics, IP Paris develops significant research in :

  • Cybersecurity

New technologies are at the heart of the industry 4.0. IP Paris researchers are exploring innovative approaches combining fundamental and applied research:

  • Quantum Technology
  • Innovative Materials & Nanotech
  • Plasmas and Their Uses


Health issues are at the heart of the evolution of our societies. Research at IP Paris combines an interdisciplinary approach with fundamental sciences, engineering and exchanges with medicine, aims to develop cutting-edge innovations in particular regarding:

  • Biomedical Engineering