The PhD programs of Institut Polytechnique de Paris adopt a multidisciplinary vision supported by two doctoral schools (IP Paris Doctoral School, a multidisciplinary doctoral school, and the Hadamard Doctoral School of Mathematics). IP Paris offers a PhD training program open to the best national and international students, enabling them to work in cutting-edge research topics.

Why pursue a PhD at IP Paris?

As a postgraduate degree whose excellence is recognized worldwide, a PhD degree opens doors to highly skilled jobs in both the private and public sectors. Our doctoral programs are designed to develop outstanding researchers who have a deep understanding of the scientific and practical issues they study. In addition to the academic world, a PhD paves the way for major long-term careers that rely on the specific skills acquired during the doctoral training, which are widely recognized in the socio-economic world for highly qualified employment.

PhD Programs

PhD in 3 years

IP Paris will offer 3-year PhD programs in a variety of disciplinary fields. The doctoral research conducted within IP Paris is based on 30 laboratories and takes place in a high-quality scientific environment. PhD students are offered the opportunity to conduct their PhD with companies with renowned R&D department .

PhD Track in 5 years

IP Paris offers a unique course for students with a bachelor’s degree: the PhD Track. This selective, personalised course allows master’s students to gradually develop their thesis topic. They are immersed in cutting-edge research laboratories, giving them skills to approach future scientific work.

Ambitious doctoral schools

The Graduate Program of IP Paris is composed of two doctoral schools: IP Paris Doctoral School (ED IP Paris), a multidisciplinary doctoral school, co-accredited with HEC Paris and the Hadamard Doctoral School of Mathematics (EDMH), co-accredited with Université Paris-Saclay, and Université PSL.

Research partnerships

Institut Polytechnique de Paris welcomes young researchers from diverse backgrounds to its laboratories to work on their thesis research. Whatever the chosen field of study, students will benefit from the partnerships IP Paris has with major national and international research institutes (CNRS, Inria, CEA, Weizmann Institute of Science…).

IP Paris also partners with high-tech companies and major multinational groups. The doctoral theses have a strong collaborative component. They benefit from the CIFRE agreement, the numerous Chairs established in IP Paris and the doctoral training networks and European partnerships.

Entrepreneurial support

From the admission and until graduation, PhD students are accompanied. IP Paris provides a personalized follow-up for each PhD student and offers a variety of professional openings, providing the best recruitment opportunities in line with the ambitions of each doctoral student.
The purpose of this support is threefold:

  • to improve the quality of training
  • to increase the employability of the doctoral student
  • to reinforce access to the world of entrepreneurship.

Apply to a PhD at IP Paris

There are two ways to enrol for a doctorate at IP Paris:

  • Get into contact with a researcher/professor from one of the IP-Paris laboratories, develop in collaboration with him/her a PhD project and discuss funding possibilities. This is generally done in the middle of the M2 year, when choosing research internships. Once a few compulsory documents have been collected (thesis project, CV, M2 grades, letter of support from the thesis supervisor), one must obtain the agreements from the director of the laboratory and the director of the doctoral school. Then the application can be deposited on ADUM.
  • Consult the thesis proposals of IP Paris schools, some of which are open for applications:

École Polytechnique
Télécom Paris
Télécom SudParis


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