5 reasons to study at IP Paris

5 reasons to come and study at IP Paris

  • Hold a degree recognized worldwide
  • Benefit from a top level education in engineering
  • Studying in a dynamic and inspiring environment surrounded by leading-edge researchers
  • Being immersed in a multicultural environment
  • Discover Paris, France and Europe



Fees are specific to each master program. Fees are specified in each master description. Learn more

Language requirements

Courses are taught rather in French or English. The language requirements are specified in each master program description. Learn more


Scholarships are available for international students. Learn more

Long stay student visa

If you are a national of a European Economic Area country (European Union countries (EU), Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland, you don’t need any visa to come to study in France.

  • If you are not a national of a European Economic Area country (European Union countries, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland, you must request a student long stay visa valid as a French residence permit (VLS-TS = Visa étudiant Long Séjour valant Titre de Séjour).

This visa allows you to remain in France for one year without needing to request a residence permit. Your visa will need to be approved by the OFII (the French Immigration and Integration Office) within the first 3 months after your arrival in France on https://administration-etrangers-en-france.interieur.gouv.fr/particuliers/#/

Visa application :

  • Case 1: There is a Campus France space in your country of residence:

Find it on Campus France’s website (espace campus France) and contact them.

If your country of residence is one of the 44 affected by the study in France procedure, registrate on “Etudes en France” and upload your documents, then Campus France will check your visa application file before submitting it to the French consulate.

  • Case 2: There is no Campus France space in your country of residence:

You will make your visa application directly with the French embassy or consulate in your country of residence. Find all information about visa application on france-visas/welcome-page and your consulate’s contact here.

You should start the process at the latest 2 months before departure !

Living in Paris

Public & Private health insurance
Being affiliated to the national heath care system (sécurité sociale) is compulsory and the affiliation must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year. The affiliation to a complementary private health insurance is optional. Learn more

Different kind of accommodations are available: university residence, guest houses, private apartments. Learn more