5 reasons to study at IP Paris

5 reasons to come and study at IP Paris

  • Hold a degree recognized worldwide
  • Benefit from a top level education in engineering
  • Studying in a dynamic and inspiring environment surrounded by leading-edge researchers
  • Being immersed in a multicultural environment
  • Discover Paris, France and Europe



Fees are specific to each master program. Fees are specified in each master description. Learn more

Language requirements

Courses are taught rather in French or English. The language requirements are specified in each master program description. Learn more


Scholarships are available for international students. Learn more



Apply for a long-stay visa with the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII)

Fill in the form that was given to you by the consulate of your country together with your visa. Filling your visa number, your date of entry into France or the Schengen area and your address in France. To complete the rest of the form, we will help you fill out the documents at the meeting upon your arrival at IP Paris. our visa request must be completed with a copy of all the pages of your passport. Upon receipt of all these documents, the OFII registers your file and you will have to go under a medical examination. You will also receive a letter-stamp on which you will have to stick a tax stamp, which you can obtain from the tobacconists or tax offices.

Appointment at the OFII

You will be invited for an appointment at the OFII and will have to hand the following documents:

Your passport with the correct visa

  • Proof of address
  • A photo of face bareheaded
  • Letter stamp and tax stamp
  • This procedure is valid for all students, holders of the long-stay visa.

Medical examination for the visa

The medical examination will take place at the OFII. On the day of the medical visit, you will receive mandatory medical and paramedical examinations, including a chest x-ray, a weight-for-height test, a vision test, a blood test, etc.Take your health record, if you have one, with the list of your current vaccines, your prescriptions and your glasses (if you wear any).

This medical examination aims at:

  • Detecting any health problem and, if necessary, refer you to a health center for medical assessment and treatment
  • Drawing your attention to risk factors for health. It is useless to present yourself on an empty stomach

At the end of the medical examination, keep your copy of the medical certificate.


Living in Paris

Public & Private health insurance
Being affiliated to the national heath care system (sécurité sociale) is compulsory and the affiliation must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year. The affiliation to a complementary private health insurance is optional. Learn more

Different kind of accommodations are available: university residence, guest houses, private apartments. Learn more