At IP Paris, we encourage sport activities and provides dedicated facilities for a wide range of sports . Sport allows to develop team spirit, perceverance, excelling oneself. You can practice a wide range of sports.

Installations sportives - IP Paris

Sport facilities on IP Paris campus

In-door sport facilities

    • 1 gymnasium of 1734 m2
    • 1 gym
    • 2 swimming pools of 25 meters
    • 2 volleyball courts
    • 3 basketball courts
    • 3 Hand-ball courts
    • 2 climbing walls
    • 1 dojo
    • 1 dance studio
    • 1 shooting range

Out-door sport facilities

    • 1 equestrian centre (30 horses)
    • 1 beach volley court
    • 1 running track of 400 meters
    • 1 golf practice court
    • 1 semi-artificial lake
    • 1 climbing wall
    • 4 football courts
    • 3 rugby courts
    • 8 tennis courts

The future sports course

In a few months, IP Paris campus will have have a sport course that will offer the opportunity to walk around the campus with stages or by bike to take advantage of the vastness of the Saclay plateau while contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Sport Facilities on Evry campus (Télécom SudParis)

Sport facilities on the campus :

  • a 1000 m2 gymnasium for indoor sports (tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball, badminton…)
  • 3 tennis courts
  • a basketball court with synthetic surface
  • a beach volleyball court
  • a golf driving range
  • a fitness and cardio center with quality equipment (body building)

Other equipment made available in close proximity by agreement with the city of Evry:

  • Two swimming pools
  • Football and rugby stadium
  • Athletics track
  • Dojo 200 meters from the campus (SCA2000 Evry judo)
  • Parc des Loges Gymnasium (street-hockey)
  • Rowing and sailing club (SCA2000 Evry)
  • Golf of Etiolles (lessons and GreenFee)
  • Riding club in Etiolles

Sport events of IP Paris and its schools

  • Coupe de l’X: Taking place at the beginning of the year, this tournament is obne of the key event within IP Paris. It gathers partipants from 12 schools in Paris.
  • TOSS : It is the biggest student sports tournament in France. It brings together numerous engineering schools, business schools and universities from all over France.
  • Challenge Centrale Lyon: One of the biggest sporting events for high school students.
  • GOST :  This tournament is organized by SupOptique and takes place on the Saclay plateau. It aims at promoting women sport in volleyball, basketball, tennis, and badminton.
  • Challenge du monde des grandes écoles: It is a sport tournament combined with a get together with companies. It takes place at the end of the year. Participants can demonstrate their physical and professional capacities.

Sport associations

Sport  associations at École Polytechnique

> X-Para
The X-Para club organizes and partly funds sports parachuting weekends and training courses for students.

> Diving
In collaboration with the X Sport Club, this diving club organizes dive trips with the opportunity to obtain certificates.

> Montagne
The Montagne club offers many mountain-based activities, such as cross-country skiing, rambling, climbing and mountaineering.

> Parapente
The Parapente club organizes paragliding trips for the École Polytechnique’s students.

> Water-Polo
This club offers students water polo activities, in collaboration with the X Sport Club.

> X-Circus
The X-Circus club organizes circus lessons, takes part in events like Point Gamma, and organizes a show every year.

ENSTA Paris sport associations

The student office, or BDE, is a key and dynamic element. It organizes some of the essential events in the life of the ENSTA Paris student.  Discover the association and more information and website of the BDS.

ENSAE Paris sport associations

> BDS (Aka Bureau des Sports)

On the program, inter-school competitions, official sport events (central challenge Lyon, Cup X, TOSS, Raid, GOST, student cuts of France), and other sport events (sports nights , a sport weekend, friendly tournaments).

Télécom Paris sport asociations

Numerous sport clubs and associations offers variety of activities :

  • Sailing
  • Badminton
  • Handball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • etc.