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École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique, also known as L’X, is the leading French institution combining top-level research, academics, and innovation at the cutting-edge of science and technology. Its various undergraduate and graduate-level programs – Bachelor of Science, Ingénieur Polytechnicien (Master’s level program), Master’s, and PhD – are highly selective and promote a culture of excellence with a strong emphasis on science, anchored in humanist traditions. As a widely internationalized university, École Polytechnique offers a variety of international programs and attracts a growing number of foreign students and researchers from around the globe (currently 40% of students and 39% of faculty members). École Polytechnique offers an exceptional education to prepare bright men and women to excel in top-level key positions and lead complex and innovative projects which meet the challenges of 21st century society, all while maintaining a keen sense of their civil and social responsibilities. With its 23 laboratories, 22 of which are joint research units with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the École Polytechnique Research Center explores the frontiers of interdisciplinary knowledge to provide major contributions to science, technology, and society. École Polytechnique is a founding member of Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

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Founded in 1741 under the name of Royal Shipbuilding Engineers School, ENSTA Paris is the oldest French engineering school. Its educational programs are characterized by a strong international exposure, an initiation to research, innovation and entrepreneurship.The quality of ENSTA Paris educational programs lies on its permanent faculty members (professors and researchers) as well as on the intervention of many speakers coming from the economic and industrial world. IP Paris benefits from ENSTA Paris renowned expertise in the fields of transport systems, energy, mathematical engineering and system engineering.

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Founded more than 75 years ago, ENSAE Paris has a unique educational project combining a high level of mastery in applied mathematics, statistics and economic analysis. Its educational project has evolved over the decades in response to the needs of the economy and changes in research. IP Paris benefits from ENSAE Paris unique expertise in economics and quantitative sociology, data science, finance and insurance. ENSAE Paris is also part of the Group of National Schools of Economics and Statistics (Genes).

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Télécom Paris

Télécom Paris is a major french tech engineering school and is ranked in the top 4 of France’s leading engineering schools. Thanks to its strong relations with the business world and the key role of technology in the 21st century economy, its graduates are recruited at high level positions in companies of all sizes and from all sectors of activity. Télécom Paris offers an education of excellence, innovative pedagogy, as a high level interdisciplinary research as well as its two innovative business incubators. Télécom Paris is at the heart of a unique innovation ecosystem on its 2 campuses. Paris and Sophia Antipolis. Its Laboratory LTCI was promoted by the HCERES (French national high-level committee for education and research) as a flagship project in the field of digital sciences bringing a strong international influence, developing numerous activities towards the socio-economic world and companies as well as a strong commitment in education. The stakes and impacts of digital technology on our society are also studied and taught at Télécom Paris thanks to the laboratory i3 (Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation), a joint research unit of the CNRS, of which the school is a member. Télécom Paris is also a school of the Institut Mines-Télécom.

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Télécom SudParis

Founded in 1979, Télécom SudParis trains engineers in the field of information and communication technologies. Its educational program is based on an innovative approach favoring tailored academic programs offering theoretical courses, project-based learning, as well as business internships. Télécom SudParis also leads important research activities. IP Paris benefits from its in-depth knowledge of all topics related to ICT, such as networks, information systems, multimedia, modeling and applied mathematics. Telecom SudParis will now be based on the Saclay Plateau with the other four IP Paris Schools. However, it will continue to have its campus in Evry which will be an integral part of  IP Paris campus. Télécom SudParis is also a school of the Institut Mines-Télécom.

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